A district in images

Discover the Rec district through the eyes of different photographers

Rosa Sáez: The colours of the Rec

"The colours of the Rec” is a project that the photographer Rosa Sáez developed during the Covid-19 lockdown. Using archive photos and seeking to make visible some things she had stored away, this project arose. It is a collection of images of corners and details that are only obtained after repeatedly walking around the district.

Joan Solé: The industrial heritage of the Rec

The Rec district and its buildings have fascinated the photographer Joan Solé since he was a child. One day, as a professional photographer, he began taking photos to preserve the image of these works of great heritage beauty.

Pau Corcelles: Doors and gates

In this exhibition, Pau Corcelles accompanies us to discover different doors and shutters of the Rec, a very unique tour through the history of the district.

Roger Velázquez: The Rec, 1994

Photographs of the Rec district taken by Roger Velázquez in 1994. Regional Archive of Anoia - AFMI

Marc Vila: The Rec district in transformation

In this exhibition, the photographer Marc Vila shows us the transformation of the Rec district: the transformation of tanneries where time seemed to have stopped into spaces full of life thanks to projects such as Rec.0 and Bastida.