A district in transformation

A district that recovers its architectural heritage and is full of life

Over the last few decades, several institutions and entities such as Amics del Rec [Friends of the Rec] or the Centre for Regional Studies of Igualada, academics, neighbours and activists such as Magí Puig and Manel Caro have promoted the rediscovery of a district and made citizens aware of the need to protect extremely valuable architectural heritage that explains, like no other, the outstanding past, and present, of an enterprising city.

Since then, the unceasing recovery of the heritage of old, unused factories has begun to fill them with life through new activities.


Museums, restaurants, the Leather Cluster headquarters, co-working spaces, design studios, newly-renovated old tanneries bustling with cultural and artistic activity, and events such as the RRRRec Festival or the Rec.0 have revitalised the district. While the desirability of a new urban development plan that rethinks its uses is debated, several experts in urban development and architecture have contributed within the framework of the call for proposals Rethinking the Rec district” promoted by Igualada City Council to collectively think about the possibilities for urban regeneration of the district.


The exhibiton “Rec, cultural district” curated by Roger Mula and produced by the Leather Museum of Igualada in the summer of 2021, is a magnificent summary of the current pulse of the district. And the travelling exhibition “Reclaimed Spaces” by Teresa Llordés, during its time at the Leather Museum, also explained the recovery of industrial buildings in the district and their new uses.

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